New Exhibitor Inquiries

Booth Pricing/Selection Info/Wait List

The 2017 SHOT Show is sold out.

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the SHOT Show®. To be placed on our wait list please complete the SHOT Show Wait List form. If we are able to help you, we will contact you.

Chris Tatulli
Ph. (855) 355-7468 or (203) 270-2370

Dave Jeannette
Ph. (855) 355-7468 or (203) 270-2370

Booth Change Requests

2017 Booth Change Requests have concluded.

Please note with the Sands Expo being 98% sold, we cannot guarantee fulfilling your request.

When you renewed your exhibit space for the 2017 SHOT Show, you were given the opportunity to make a booth change request. SHOT Show Management is in the process of reviewing all requests and will try our best to accommodate your change request. If you did not submit a request with your contract, or something has changed, log on to your exhibitor dashboard and update your request.

Your exhibitor ID is the same as last year and can be found on your invoice.

These requests are taken in order of (i) NSSF Membership class (Voting Members first, then Supporting Members), followed by (ii) Priority Points in that class. NSSF membership deadline was March 1.

Display and Advertising Rules/Product Eligibility

Visual and Promotional Standards Guide for SHOT Show

The SHOT Show Visual & Promotional Standards have been developed and implemented to create an aesthetically pleasing show environment for the SHOT Show attendee and retail buyer, while providing the SHOT Show exhibitor the forum to promote their brand and/or product line. The standards were developed by the SHOT Show and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. All advertisements must be in good taste and not detrimental to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s mission “To Promote, Protect and Preserve Hunting and the Shooting Sports.”

The following are the standards that are in effect for the 2017 SHOT Show:

  • Signage, Promotion & Advertising — Any and all signage with price point and/or price ranges must be pre-approved.
  • Cartoon characters are not allowed on any show signage throughout the building.
  • Signage containing terms such as discounts, hot deals, blow-out sale, etc must be pre-approved with regard to the artwork and positioning of the signage.
  • Any advertising or artwork that is sexually explicit or suggestive must be pre-approved by the SHOT Show Management.
  • Signage promoting “closeouts” will only be allowed in areas designated by the SHOT Show Management.
  • Promotion of any other trade event is prohibited.
  • Promotions of trade pavilions are allowed.
  • IMPORTANT: What’s next?
  • All signage artwork must be reviewed by the SHOT Show Management.
  • Submission must include contact information including, company name, booth#, individual’s name, phone number and email.
  • SHOT Show Management will review and provide feedback and a decision within five business days.
  • Proofs must be submitted by December 1, 2016,** in order to meet crucial deadlines.

*Recommended for all signage. All print advertising will be proofed using the artwork that is submitted.
*Only applies to signage. All other materials must follow specific artwork deadlines (i.e., SHOT Show Directory, Tracker etc)